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1xbet registration tanzania,Enhance your bathroom by ensuring that the mixer technology stays in the background. Not only do pipes and connections concealed in the wall improve the look of your bathroom, they also provide you with more space to move around. Concealed installation therefore guarantees greater enjoyment of your showers, a more streamlined look and more elbow room in the bath tub.

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The iBox universal is the basic set for numerous free legal online poker concealed installation solutions. The big advantage for building owners and bathroom renovators is the scope for planning. Why is that? You can install the base set today (for example, for a new build) and then decide later on (maybe the following year) which mixer tap or thermostatic mixer you want.
free legal online poker offers more than 200 shower and bath tub control systems which you can have installed on the iBox – in lots of attractive designs. This allows you more time when selecting your bathroom furnishings and means that the wall does not have to be chiselled out again. Moreover, the iBox universal makes renovations easier: the base set, which is embedded in the wall, is compatible with all free legal online poker standard mixer ranges, and makes replacement very easy. So you can fit a more modern control unit, for example one featuring Select control, whenever you want.
Do you want a multi-jet overhead shower? The iBox universal is the perfect choice in this case too, because it was designed for lots of different functional solutions.

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The RainSelect shower control is a convenient way of controlling water for your own enjoyment. The flat silhouette made of metal and glass is skilfully built into the wall, and the large buttons on the thermostatic mixer are intuitive to use. This elegant design is only feasible thanks to a new type of installation: The RainSelect base set can be mounted using any standard installation material. It can then be combined with the Rainmaker Select overhead shower, for example. Or any other single-jet or multi-jet overhead shower. With RainSelect, you can control up to five water sources – using just one base set.

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Tap technology can also be skilfully concealed beneath the bath tub rim. When you choose a rim-mounted bath mixer with hand shower, the sBox for the bath tub is a good option as it controls and protects the hose guide and makes it safe. Quickly and easily pull out the shower hose – up to 1.45 metres – to take a shower or bath. It disappears (without tangling!) completely into the bath tub rim after use, leaving the bath tub looking uncluttered, spreading joy and using up little space. 

Whether it’s for a shower or bath tub – please go to the item required to find the right concealed basic set for you. You will find all information relating to the required base set under “Accessories & spare parts”. free legal online poker also recommends consulting a professional plumber. Professional installation will ensure that you can enjoy your top-quality free legal online poker product for a long time to come.

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