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About a linesman - VOLLEYBALL

Linesman is the person who judge that whether the ball bound inside of the court or outside with a flag. There are 4 linesmen in one court, and they usually judge one line for each. The flag that linesman has is similar to linesman's flag for soccer. Linesman also judge the ball touch the player's body and then bound or not, the ball exactly trough inside of an antenna put on an end of the net without touching it or not and the server doesn't step on or step over the back line except while ...

Volleyball Officials, Referees and Linesmen The Who What Why ...

In official games, the linesmen will have a flag in their hands, if not, then they will make their calls using their arms. Their responsibility is to judge whether a volleyball has landed inside or outside of the sidelines or service lines and to call any block touches. Linesmen or linespersons use flags to.

Linesman in volleyball? - Answers

WHAT THEY DO: Linemen in volleyball are people that has a red flag and they determind if the ball is in the court or out!! Also they judge if you crossed the line when you sereve the ball!! THINGS...

Basic Volleyball Rules and Terms - The Art of Coaching Volleyball

Linesman/ Lineswoman: Officials located at the corners of the court; each linesman is responsible for ruling if the ball is legally in play along the lines for which he or she is responsible. For indicating touches and play outside of the antennae on their side of the net.

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Linesman: Officials located at the corners of the court; each linesman is responsible for ruling if the ball is legally in play alongthe lines for which or she is responsible. Line Serve: A straight-ahead serve landing near the opponent’s leftsideline.


Page 63 2019-20 NFHS Volleyball Rules LINE JUDGE SIGNALS USING HAND SIGNALS 1. Obtaining First Referee's Attention: Wave arm overhead to obtain the first referee's attention, when necessary. (1) 2. Inbounds: Arms extended in front of body, hands open (palms down) toward the floor area between the attack line and the net. (2) 3.

Volleyball Line Judge Techniques

The court boundary lines are part of the court, so if the ball lands on the line, the correct signal will be "in". It's important to be watching the line, not the ball. If you are watching the ball and not the line, there's a chance you could get the call wrong.

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Volleyball has so many unique terms, statistics, and abbreviations, you can easily get lost in all the vocabulary. Many of the expressions used have multiple meanings and some may be regional meanings or variations in a particular geographic area. The following is an alphabetical list of volleyball terminology and acronyms.