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Volleyball Plays and Hitting System Revealed

#4 – The setter calls this volleyball play by showing the outside hitter four fingers. This is a standard set to the outside. It is high and to the outside. The ball will be just inside the antenna so that the hitter can either hit the ball down the line or cross court.

Volleyball Hitting Terms | Terms for Volleyball Offense | Plays

Volleyball Hitting Terms - Most Common Volleyball Offensive Terms. Pipe: Set the pipe occurs when a back row player jumps and attacks a set from behind the attack line. Shoot: A shoot is a quick, low set to a hitter hitting outside.

Volleyball Hand Signals: How A Setter Calls Offensive ...

The setter holds up four fingers to the left side hitter, then one forefinger to her middle hitter then all five fingers they'll hold up to her right side hitter to call the 4-1-5 offensive volleyball play.


OFFICIAL VOLLEYBALL SIGNALS PlayPics courtesy of (www.referee.com) 1. Illegal Alignment/ Improper Server 2. Line Violation 3. Illegal Hit 4. Delay of Service 5. Over-the-net 6. Net Fault or Net Serve 7. Illegal Attack 8. Illegal Block/Screening 9. Ball Touched 10. Four Hits 11. Double Hit 12. Ball Lands Inbounds

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If the team that just hit the ball touches it again after it comes off the net band this would be 4 touches. This is actually one of the more obvious calls in volleyball in the sense that an official indicates this fault by simply holding up four fingers on one hand. 12. Double Hit

The 15 Volleyball Hits All Players Must Know – Volleyball Expert

There are 5 main categories of volleyball hits: Serves; Passes; Sets; Attacks; Blocks; Each of these volleyball hits play a role throughout a rally. Teams cannot function without the ability to perform each of these main types of hits. The 15 volleyball hits below represent the skills that any good volleyball player must possess.

Officials Hand Signals for Indoor - USA Volleyball

Make a circular motion with the forefinger. Point the arm and fingers toward the floor. Raise the forearms vertically, hands open, palms toward the body. Slowly lift the forearm, palm of the hand facing upward. Raise two fingers, spread open. Raise four fingers, spread open. Indicate the respective side of the net.

Volleyball Referee Signals for Officiating Volleyball

If a team contacts the ball more than 3 times without sending it back over the net, and the 3 and 4 contacts aren't made by the same player, then signal 4 hits. Signal by extending the arm with 4 fingers. This should be slightly to the side and above the head. Remember, if the same player makes the 3rd and 4th contact, the signal is 2 hits.