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Find special bank home loans to help you buy a house or apartment

There is a reason why ‘Home Sweet Home” is one of the catchier phrases in the world. Our home is more than just the place where we live, it’s where our memories and dreams are. More than just a building made of walls, a home is a place built on family and love. And we all deserve to have the type of home we really want.

Whether you are planning to buy or build a new house or even purchase any other type of property such an apartment or even a plot of land in India, we assure you that our portal will help you find the right home loans available.

Home mortgage loans

There are many different personal loan options available. There are even many options solely devoted to different home loans options such as buying a property under construction or a ready property as you first-home or bigger dream home. There are also loans specific for home improvement such as renovations and extensions.

Most best banks in India can offer the standard types of loan, such as home mortgage loans, otherwise known as loans against property. They are considered the best options for low interest home loans for buying a fully constructed house or apartment. Offering the real estate you are buying as collateral usually gets you lower interest rates, longer payment plans, and also easier submission and faster approval.

Eligibility is key to get low interest rates home loans

An important factor to decide taking these easy home loans is the criteria of eligibility. Some banks will only require you to be of legal age (+18) but others may set the minimum age as 21 or even 25 as well as determine a maximum age of 65 or 70 when you finish to pay it back.

Employment status, as in if you are salaried or self-employed, is another relevant criterion. In most cases, you can either apply individually or jointly, which allows you to add your total family income and makes it possible for all members of the family (usually spouses/parents/children/siblings) to become co-applicants and owners of the specific property.

With higher income statements, you can get lower interest rates and better overall payment conditions. Usually, applicants best home loans in India

are required to make a down payment of 10 to 40% of the property value, so applying jointly can make this part of the process easier. Similarly, most repayment plans take from 5 to almost 30 years; and the longer you plan to take to pay it back, the higher the total cost of your loan. So co-applying with your significant other or with a close family member is always a good option.

What is the necessary documentation?

All applicants and co-applicants need to provide proof of identity (it can be either of these documents: passport, voter ID, driving license, Pan card, or UIDAI/AADHAAR card), proof of address (any utilities bills such as electricity or telephone bills, driving license, UIDAI/AADHAAR card, etc) and proof of income (salary statement, income tax report, bank statements, etc). In some special cases, lender parties may demand other specific documents from all borrowers as a form of certification, such as credit score and other property deeds. Usually, the minimum income considered for home loans is around Rs. 25,000 to 35,000 as individual or joint monthly income.

Don’t forget that besides the principal amount borrowed and the interest rates, there are often other fees and charges to consider such as processing fees, insurance and stamp duty or statutory charges.

If you are a Non Resident Indian (NRI), other conditions may apply and you should check  the specificities of this particular type of loan.