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Two-wheel loans are very popular in India. Financial companies are creating very profitable vehicle loans and we have collected for you the cheapest offers. On our site you can familiarize yourself, you can find 0 interest loans, with the rating of companies, read reviews and quickly get money to buy a bicycle
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Dreaming of a motorcycle? We have a loan for your two wheeler!

Bikes have always been the greatest representation of freedom and style and now you can have yours too! They can also be great assets in everyday life by helping you save money and time while running your regular commute or going about your routine. It doesn’t matter if by being a fan of Suzuki, Yamaha and Mahindra bigger and fancier bikes or just by the need of a quicker and cheaper vehicle like a Scooty Zest or a Jupiter ZX to get around. Find the cheapest two wheeler loan here!

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Cars loan might be one of the most common vehicle loans in the world, but motorcycles are a more integrated part of our Indian culture. That’s why we have special conditions for those looking for a two wheeler vehicle loan to buy their own bikes, such as lower interests, flexible payment option and easy online application. With more people using motorcycles both for weekend sports and for everyday transportation, these loans have become more common among the finance companies. With so many options available, you will find for sure a great condition to help getting your own bike with our portal’s tool of two wheeler loan compare.

How do i get a loan?

You can start by verifying your eligibility for it. The eligibility status depends on your age, city/region, residence type, employment status, salary and other income sources, and also previous credit score/track. In some cases, you may have higher chances to get near to 0 interest two wheeler loan depending on the combination of these factors. Another important thing to remember is to check for possible seasonal offers that can even include free processing fees and/or free insurance, so make sure to compare several options before deciding.

Most companies in India require borrowers being older than 21 and younger than 65 during the loan taking and paying back, nevertheless, few companies may be more flexible with the age criteria when the borrower can meet other more relevant criteria as higher income or better score, for instance.

Employment situation is also an important factor, so check for special conditions for salaried employees or self-employed people. Make sure you are able to provide proof of your monthly/yearly income (in most cases, the minimum is around Rs.75,000 to 80,000 yearly) as that is one of the requested documents many companies ask from borrowers (along with identity and proof of address). Choosing the bike that bests fits your needs is also crucial as motorcycle specifications is a key factor for most companies. Check for the best brand and model as well as the current road-price. Some companies will offer short term loans up to 90-100% of road-price, but others may only lend you 40-60% of it. Therefore, choosing a brand and model compatible with your needs and income is important.

Differently to other online personal loans, loans for two wheelers may include other charges like documentation and insurance fees, both apart from the regular interest rates and the charges for processing. So calculation your EMI is important and also take these other charges into consideration as well.

Borrowing beyond you can repay is the worst you can do when signing a persona loan so be sure to be able to afford the borrowing and how much time extent you need to pay it back. As you may want to exchange your motorcycle for a newer model in near future, it’s crucial that your repayment plan isn’t too long, so this way you will not lose money when you sell your bike in a couple years. To achieve that, putting down a higher down payment may help lower your repayment amount as well as the period of your commitment.