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Rating the best private banks and the best deals in India customer reviews will help you to make the right choice. While looking for a bank, you will get to learn the best interest rate. If you have used the bank services, leave your feedback to help the others.
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American Express


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Indusind Bank


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Capital First


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Standard Chartered


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I need a place to take care of my money

Do you need a bank to trust your money, but at the same time you want to have the best interest rate banks and fees, with a broad range of services? How about a modern financial structure that allows you to make digital transactions without fear? Does it sound good? So we can help you find the best banks in India. From public banks to private ones, we will help you navigate through all the options you have. We can find accounts for residents in India, for tourists and non-residents as well. Students and even children can benefit from special account fees and services listed in our rating. Want to know more? We will help you.

What services can i have?

You can have a lot of services provided to you: credit cards, finance services, insurance, investment banking, mortgage loans, personal loans, online loans, agriculture loans, private equity, private banking, wealth management, retail banking, assets management, saving services, personal loans and payment solutions. The best Indian banks will provide you with all those services and more. You just have to search the ideal bank for you and we have this information here to help you. 

Which bank should i choose?

Don’t know which one to choose? Some details may help you to decide, as the conditions for bill payments, how long the process to apply takes, and how long it takes to be approved. If you can make online transactions, which offers you get using debit or credit cards. The amount of ATM available to be use and where they are located in your city or around India, can also be considered. Don’t forget to check if you have limits to access the ATMs, as well. Are those banks active in urban and rural areas? Getting SMS alerts may be a good idea, especially when doing a lot of transactions online. Consider getting the best interest rate banks and if they offer free banking services for example – credit cards. Some also may charge for cards, maintenance fee and ask for minimum balance, while others offer international transactions.

Who can apply for a bank account?

Now that you found a bank you like, let us help you by providing the rating of banks in India. Is the one you chose among them? If so, then it is time to check out the paperwork and be sure you have all your information at hand to start your application.

You will have to be at least 18 years old to open your account. If you are a minor, you can have your guardian to help, but additional documents will be needed. ID proof and address proof are required. If you are a self-employed person, a regular salaried employee or a businessperson, you can open an account. At some banks, a minimum balance will have to be maintained in your account. But you can find offers of zero balance, especially if you are looking for a saving account for the first time or if you, as a parent, want to start a saving account for your children. Individuals outside India and foreigners can also open accounts in Indian banks. If you are a student, you can also find specific accounts with special deals. For business accounts, a turnover proof may be necessary.

What are the differences between private or public banks?

Public banks have the majority of their shares held by the government, whereas the private banks have shareholders as the majority owners. The difference lay around the charge fees, interest rates, quality and duration of the services you can get. We can help you find the best private banks in India, comparing their fees, interest rates and services, so all you have to do is use your search and rating tools. With all those services, we are sure to find the best Indian banks for you.