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    • Phone: 1800 266 2400
  • Citibank started its operation in India in 1902, in Kolkata city, becoming one important foreigner investor in the country. Citibank also helped to establish important financial intermediaries in the market, as well as the foundation of Indian software industry overseas, through their CitiGroup Global Services. Citi India is also a leadership of innovation, lunching, since 1985, a series of services and products following the most advantage technology available. Furthermore, Citi India also have citizenship activities, endorsing areas like education, youth skilling, financial inclusion, empowerment, basic nutrition and preventive healthcare, art and culture, and promoting environmental sustainability.

    Citi India Services and Products

    They offer multiple choices of bank accounts like Personal Banking, accounts for Business and Corporate Banking, options for Senior Citizens and Saving Accounts. Credit cards are also available, with rewards for points accumulated during purchases. Online services are offered for free.

    Other options are investment plans and even products and services for people non residents in India.

    To apply, the basic information you have to provide:

    • proof ID
    • proof of address
    • contact number (mobile or home number)
    • choose the bank account you want, personal, corporate, senior citizen, savings.
    • specify if you are a salaried person or self-employed
    • inform your income and source of funds
    • type and amount of debit cards you need and if you want them to be enable to international use, as well as if you want joint applicants
    • transactions you expect to perform

    More information may be asked regarding the services you choose.

    For loans, you have the options of personal loans or house loans. You can also find options to acquire vehicles and equipments.

    To apply is necessary to inform:

    • your age, and be at least 23 years old
    • work experience of at least 2 years
    • your monthly income, considering all sources
    • your monthly obligations like rental and other loans
    • your credit history
    • your age and retirement age

    Insurances require you to be at least 18 years old and younger than 70 years old to be a client. You can choose among health plans, travel insurances with overseas coverage and life insurance. For business, you can pick coverage for your employees and insurance for your property.

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