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  • Standard Chartered is an international bank, active across Asia, Africa and Middle East. Their brand is based on the moto “Here for good”, expressing their values of helping people and companies to grow and get wealthy. They have a network of costumers worldwide, providing an extensive market environment.

    By offering top notch financial services, they want to enable their costumers to grow by adhering to global standards of conduct and compliance. This is achieved by supporting sustainable economy and social development, integrating local partners and community programs.  Furthermore, they promote equality at workplace, creating a flexible and inclusive culture.

    Products and Services in Standard Chartered

    They offer bank accounts from individuals to business. Most products have mobile services and digital payment solutions. You can choose among personal accounts, saving accounts, overdraft for salaried clients and investment plans. Options for insurance include property plans, for the building and appliances, car insurance, health plans and personal accident plans. Investments of different kinds are available to suit your needs. For entrepreneurs, services include Global Banking, insurance for your business, accident plans for your employees on duty or 24 hours coverage. You can also get loans up to 90% your property value.

    For credit cards, they have a reward system with accumulative points you get by using the card.

    Applicants need the following documents:

    • be at least 21 years old and younger than 65 years old.
    • provide proof of monthly income
    • proof of Id and address
    • you have to provide a recent photo.
    • employees have to present salary slip proof
    • entrepreneurs have to present proof of last business continuity, certified financials, and company revenue/income.

    If you want to apply for a loan, either a house loan, loan against securities or against property, a business loan or even transfer your loan from another bank, you have to:

    • provide photo ID
    • submit residential proof
    • for employed individuals: 2 months salary slip and bank statements for the last 3 months
    • for entrepreneurs and other professionals: latest IT returns and computation of income, last 2 years of financial statements and last 2 years audit reports. Partnerships and limited firms may also need to apply documentation from their partner and directors.
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