• IndiaBulls Dhani


    • Website: indiabullsdhani.com
    • Address: M-62 & 63, First Floor, Connaught Place, New Delhi-110001
    • Phone: 1860 419 3333
    up to 12 months
    up to 3 000 000 INR
    Loan amount
    11.99 %
    Interest rate
    15 min
    Review time
  • Helping people to achieve their goals, dreams and needs without financial worries is the desire of Indiabulls Dhali. They are one of the first institutions with the kind application designed for personal financing, develop by the Indiabulls Group, one of the leaders among house business in India. The members of the group are listed at Bombay Stock Exchange, and are focused on housing finances, real estate and management of wealth.

    How the application works and eligibility

    You need to download the app online, for free. After that, enter the amount of loan you need, plus your Pan Card number and an address proof. Your information will be instantly verified and the money available at your bank account. You don’t have to upload documents, but must be older than 21. The app also allows you to receive and manage your loan online.

    For a certain amount of money, borrowers may need to be clients of specific banks or networks to have their loans approved. Plus, up to certain a value, you can have loans free of charge for prepayments. The overall eligibility requires you to have a bank account with internet banking credentials, which must be a verified account. Processing fees are charged as well as penalties for cancelations and rebookings.

    Services and Products

    They offer personal loans to buy two wheelers, used cars, plan and pay weddings, for travels and medical issues.

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