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    up to 5 years
    up to 2 500 000 INR
    Loan amount
    10.99 %
    Interest rate
    15 min
    Review time
  • Kotak Mahindra Finance Ltd. started in 1985 and became one of the most trustworthy financial institutions in India. They were the first non-banking company to be converted in commercial bank, becoming a world class Indian financial services group, awarded a great number of times. Plus, they were the first to develop financial solutions launched for digital a social media platforms.

    Product and Services

    Kotak offers a broad range of services, including accounts, credit and debit cards, insurances and investments. For current account and business accounts, you find options tailored for your needs. Pick one with non-maintenance fees for 12 months, 24 hours free banking services or dedicated manager to help you navigate in global trade. By choosing to have your salary account at Kotak, you can find zero balance maintenance salary account plans. If you want things to be more practical, take a look at the options for 3-in-1 account. Have your salary account together with your Demat and trading services or your savings with securities and trading. Furthermore, you have a number of saving account plans you can use at each specific stage of your life. Find options for your retirement or children. Foreigners living in the country can also apply.

    Because they understand the diversity of their clients need, they offer credit cards for different preferences and profiles. The benefits are reward points, enhancement of credit rating, cashback discounts, miles you can use have when buying another flight tickets and universality to be used anywhere in the world. Each card has different joining fee and annual.

    To apply you need:

    - primary holder age should be among 21 years to 65 years old;

    - have a minimum income;

    - be an India resident.

    Kotak have available services for clients in the agriculture and farming business, construction and infrastructure area, transport and retail markets. Service providers and manufactures also have specific plans to help manage and grown your commerce. Moreover, Kotak have corporate solutions to your finances to manage your capital and structure.

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