• Paisalo


    • Website: paisalo.in
    • Address: 101, CSC, Pocket 52, CR Park, New Delhi
    • Phone: +91 11 43518888
    up to 30 days
    up to 1 000 000 INR
    Loan amount
    2.00 %
    Interest rate
    15 min
    Review time
  • The Company’s philosophy has roots in Indian tradition of “business with social conscience”, with the motto “wealth owned by Paisalo is trust property of society”. They compromise their operations to be transparent and efficient, with guarantee of low risks and great returns. PAISALO also has the commitment to make all efforts necessary to meet their client’s satisfaction by delivering quality products.

    How can you use Paisalo:

    To get your loan, just have to download the app and insert your information.

    Documents needed to apply

    The following have to be uploaded to apply in Paisalo:

    - an Id proof with photo;

    - proof of your income or the most recent salary slip;

    - address proof;

    - for entrepreneurs additional documents can be asked related to your business as GST registration certificate.

    After checking your documents, the money is transferred to your bank account. You can get as much money as you want and chose the loan offer that best suits your needs, selecting the monthly installments and interest rates. After that, the money is deposited in your account automatically.

    Because some documents need to be signed, they partner with a courier service. You will be contacted within 24 hours of your loan application.

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